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Everyone - no matter what age, class, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. will come across certain barriers in life that need re-evaluation. Sometimes we need guidance and sometimes we just need someone to listen quietly. You will go at your own pace. We are here to accommodate to your needs to help you succeed, because everyone has the ability to soar and live a fulfilling life.

Magna's Haven, Inc. provides an array of therapeutic services to best fit your needs or the needs of your loved ones. We are able to assist adults, children and the elderly. Seeking therapy in order to return to a healthy state of mind and functionality is the most empowering thing that you can do for yourself.

"Helping You Find Calm & Peace When Life Becomes Too Much"

At times, it is only a matter of asking for a third perspective; another set of eyes to look at a particular situation. Other times, chronic conditions with recurring symptoms emerge that require management and maintenance.

Mental Healthcare is a practice that should be as important as preventive services as it is often manifested into physical ailments if not attended to. Due to the profound nature and often negative connotation attached to it, it is still a taboo subject. As a result, many neglect to seek help and many lack a natural support system to overcome these obstacles.

This is where we come in.

Do not hesitate. This is your time and your space.

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